Cheryl Godin Artist

Gallery Room 6
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Valencia Bar Lounge SOLD

Jack's Lounge SOLD

Arrow Motel SOLD

Lucky Boy SOLD

Raupagh SOLD

Americana (STOLEN)

Turquoise Tepee SOLD

El Rey Theater SOLD

Burgers SOLD

Blue Swallow SOLD

Motel SOLD

Escalators Down GIFTED

On The Edge SOLD

Triple Escalators SOLD

West 34th Street SOLD

The Malt Shoppe SOLD

Malt Shoppe Cowboy SOLD

Candy Apples SOLD

Lemonade SOLD

Elephant Ears SOLD

Valencia SOLD

Nachos SOLD

Candy SOLD

Totah SOLD

Rio Grande Theater SOLD

Shadowland SOLD

Frontier SOLD

Cafe Sonders SOLD

Rarin' to Go SOLD

Atomic SOLD

Crossing SOLD

Jewelry SOLD

Inbound SOLD

The Turnaround SOLD

Totah Theater SOLD

Motel Safari SOLD

Laundry SOLD

El Rey's SOLD

Sun & Sand SOLD

Wild One SOLD

Sunset SOLD

The Bicycle Shoppe SOLD

Coffee Shop SOLD

Cuban Cafe SOLD

Village Coffee SOLD

Wheel SOLD

Brandli's SOLD

4 tracks SOLD

Desert Sands SOLD

No Vacancy SOLD

Pioneer Motel SOLD

La Mesa Motel SOLD

ABQ 66 Diner SOLD

Luna Lodge SOLD

Lodge SOLD



De Anza SOLD

Tewa Lodge SOLD

Nob Hill SOLD

Vacancy SOLD

Motel SOLD

Evett's Cafe SOLD

Kress SOLD

Hiland Theatre SOLD

66 Diner SOLD