Cheryl Godin Artist

As an urban landscape artist I am historically preserving a quickly disappearing piece of American history…the neon sign!!! For decades these colorful, brightly lit, sometimes flashing works of art have invited us off the highways to diners, motels, theaters, gas stations, and businesses. Travelers on the open roads of America were lured to new places and new experiences that added more adventure to their travel experience or just a place to rest after a long day’s journey.

I have traveled on the infamous road of Route 66 collecting information for my paintings of the signs in New Mexico and Arizona. In the process, I have stumbled across other signs off the path of Route 66 that also carry historical meaning and that I consider of interest to our history.

In my opinion, our move forward with progress is looked upon favorably in many aspects of our lives. However, I question the removal of these signs, because they are a small, but a very significant part of our American history that will be lost forever and may no longer be shared with the upcoming generations.

As I record these historically fast disappearing pieces of our American history nostalgia seems to have taken place as there seems to be a longing for simpler times with happy memories and experiences again.